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Year of release: 2013
Capacity: 80
€567 250.00
Weight: 32140 kg

Asphalt plant mobile 
Plant of a full complete set on a turn-key basis
The chief – installation, adjustment, personnel training are included in cost.
Guarantee - 12 months
Price EX Work


- TEREX-CIFALI equipment are designed to reach a nominal production based on the following standards:
- 3% weighted average of humidity in the aggregates
- installation at sea level
- calorific power of the fuel 9,600 kcal / kg
- material passing through the #8 sieve is no more than 20%
- maximum difference of 130°C between environment temperature and that of the concrete asphalt produced.
- specific weight of the aggregates should be equivalent or greater than 1,600 kg/m?
- The equipment was developed in order to facilitate the transportation as much as possible without the need of pilot cars. It is within the norms of the National Traffic Department and has an official license (RENAVAM), which makes it easier to set up and move. Simply hook up the equipment to the asphalt binding agent storage and fuel system.
- Chassis is built with a highly resistant I-Beam with a forged king pin, 3 axles with 10.00x20 tires, suspension springs, air brakes, tank, and safety valve, highway signaling system, mechanical foot with telescopic support.
- Quadruple feed bin (two-by-two) with 3,80mm wide opening and a capacity of 6m3, completely designed to support the strains during the unloading of materials. Regulated floodgate for flow of aggregates.
- Automatic vibrator system for one bin, which facilitates the flowing of fine aggregates with high humidity ratios in one of the bins.
- Feeding belts with 20" wide canvas supported by 4" rollers in "V" with permanent lubrication. The gear box is hooked directly to the drum shaft. Drums are regulated with oscillating and shielded bearings. 3-hp electric motor.
- Conveyor belt in U-Beam, 24-inch wide canvas supported by 4-inch V shielded rollers actuated by a 7.5hp electric motor.
- Dryer mixer drum, 2185/1800 x 7200mm in diameter, supported by rings set in on the body, four support rollers driven by gear box and 15hp electric motors.
- Opening for recycled material (mobile recycling unit is optional).
- Aspiration chamber with a system for recuperating incorporated fine aggregates.
- The mixing zone is divided into two parts. The first is used to mix the binding agent mixture with the larger size aggregates and the end section is used to dose the finer aggregates. This system differentiates between the properties of the materials involved in the mixing process and ensures the following:
* Perfect coverage of the larger aggregates with the binding agent.
* Formation of a binding agent film that is thick enough.
- The burner has a fuel spraying system through the gear pump set (1-hp electric motor), compressed air, and low-pressure centrifugal fan (40-hp electric motor) generating 39,600x103 btu/h. Lighting and flame system regulated from the control panel.
- TV camera for monitoring the flame from the control cabin.
- ? 2” Gear pump for injecting the asphalt binding agent.
- The DRAG MIXER elevator has an exclusive chain-blade system that is attached to the equipment by means of a pivoted shaft that, when turned 90°, is in position to work on supports joined to the body of the elevator. Anti-wear plates are set in at the bottom of the elevator that are highly resistant to abrasion. Chain with thermal-treated pins and bushings, ensuring greater useful life to the system, with blades welded to the chain. Bipartite gears made of cast steel in order to facilitate maintenance. Support rollers of the chain with oscillating sleeves and shielded bearings.
- The unloading hopper has a 1m3 capacity and a pneumatically actuated floodgate that can be timed to regulate how long it is opened and closed, or it can be manually actuated.
- It is actuated by a gear box with screw gears in an oil bath, actuated with V-belts on a 20-hp electric motor.   Other storage silos are available upon request.
- Dry filtering system that consists of dust collecting system, with the purpose of retaining the solid particles coming from the drying of the aggregates and keeping them from being released to the atmosphere and incorporating them into the concrete asphalt. Its frame is a metal U-Beam and then covered with 3/16" carbon steel plates and divided into three parts:
- Top: compartment for the escape of gases, inspection door, and air injectors for cleaning the sleeves; two 60pcm compressors; 15-hp electric motor.
- Middle: compartment where the 400 polyester sleeves are housed (254m? of filtering area) and an exclusive system for circulating the gases and solid particles.
- Bottom: silo for the deposit of recuperated fine aggregates and a screw conveyor to return them to the mixing zone, actuated by a 7.5-hp electric motor.
- The hot gases coming from the dryer enter the filter at a high temperature and must be lowered to an acceptable temperature of around 130oC and should not surpass the maximum level of 150oC for the NOMEX bags.
- This cooling and temperature control system works in the following way:
- The cooling system and temperature control is manual and uses the entrance of outside air through a manually adjusted opening located along the duct that connects the dryer with the filter, mixing the hot gases with the outside air sucked into the duct, resulting in an adequate working temperature inside the filter.
- An automatic system actuates the opening on an external air inlet using a pneumatic piston whenever the temperature of the gases measured by the sensor located at the heater outlet reaches the level previously set for controlling the temperature. If the second air inlet is not enough to lower the working temperature, the sensor on the inside of the filter linked with the temperature control will instantly turn off the plant's burner in order to protect the sleeves from high temperatures.
- Centrifugal exhauster with straight blades, with a flow adjustment valve actuated by a 75-hp electric motor.                
- Temperature regulator for heating fuels used in burners of asphalt plants. The fuel inside of the tanks is maintained at a temperature ideal for storage, which is a level that does not bring volatilization and consuming less quantity of heat generated by the boiler. Only the fuel consumed by the burner is elevated to the temperature for burning. Every plant that uses a bag filter needs a complete combustion, which is only reached by the fuel for the burner reaching an ideal temperature and viscosity, ensured by using a Temperature Regulator.
- Metallic control cabin that can optionally be air-conditioned (7,500 btu) with wiring for connecting the motors to the panel by simply connecting the panel to the client's network. The control panel with all of the electric components for powering the equipment in a position that facilitates the visualization of the production process.  The equipment's entire operational process can be controlled from inside the cabin.
- SISTEX Dosing system for Drum Mixer asphalt plants that operates together with a weigh bridge located in each aggregate bin assembled on the feeder belt, which does the individual weighing of each aggregate.
- All of the concrete asphalt projects (recipe) to be executed in its proportions are filed and stored in the computer system. After selecting one of the previously registered mixes, the SISTEX processor begins weighing each aggregate individually, constantly correcting the speed of the feeding belts by means of the frequency inverters in order to keep up the hourly production needed and the proportions between the aggregates. This system guarantees the proportionality of the aggregates and compensates the variations in the flow of material since the system is continually monitoring and correcting the flow of aggregates and the binding agent amount.
- In order to select a new concrete asphalt recipe, simply select from the SISTEX processor the name of the new mix.  The processor automatically changes the aggregate flow in the feed bins and the asphalt binding agent depending on the proportions of the new project selected. This process can be done while the equipment is in operation, which makes it possible to serve various users without the need to stop the equipment to change the recipe.
- The weighing signals recorded by the load cells are integrated by the SISTEX processor, which transforms them into a flow at the rate of t/h, subtracting the humidity of each aggregate individually. After the correct integration of the weighing sessions, the SISTEX sends a signal to the frequency inverter that controls the amount of asphalt binding agent and filler, ensuring the percentage levels of the project informed to the processor. Here are some other important functions available with the SISTEX multiple weighing system:
- Storage of the plant's production in the computer's memory, which makes it possible to integrate the production records with electronic spreadsheet and database software.
- Easy access to the control of production.
- Constant control and monitoring of the production process.
- Speed and ease in changing the concrete asphalt recipe.
- Reports can be prepared about production, consumption of raw materials, and the changes made during operation.

asphalt plant mobile

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