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Cold Asphalt

Year of release: 2017

Cold Asphalt  Made in Italy

for permanent road surface repairs

Technical data sheet

An innovative cold asphalt produced with a cold (low environmental impact) mix for immediate and permanent road surface repairs; the product consists of a mix of inert materials and bituminous binder, activated in adhesion and flushed with products that are neither toxic nor harmful for human health.

Cold Fsphalt is an easy-to-use product which does not require reagents or primers during installation operations; it simply needs to be spread out on the hole or patch, after having removed any non-cohesive underlying material; it does not require traffic interruptions during the installation phase and for compaction operations, which are carried out directly by the natural compaction effect exercised by road traffic.


Plastic material: good workability levels at low temperatures up to -5°C and in critical atmospheric conditions (wet – frozen asphalt), this explains why it is a highly appreciated product in mountain areas with harsh winters;

Rapid and easy use: the product is ready-for-use, and requires no reagents or primers;

High adhesive properties: the product adheres to the pre-existent road surface by gluing to its sub-base, which will need to previously be cleansed, if necessary, of any loose inert materials or melted asphalt slabs, in order to eliminate any non-cohesive parts before installing the product;

Restores asphalt permanently: once installed, the material permanently restores the asphalt and stays in place, without stripping;

Produced with a seasonal mix: in order to optimize the workability levels of the material, the mix is designed specifically for the season during which the installation is expected to take place (summer – autumn/spring-winter).

Adherent even on wet surfaces: the presence of water does not compromise the use of the product, and if it installed on wet surfaces (following rainfalls), it still guarantees watertight repairs, given that the bitumen in the conglomerate is channelled by a special bituminous emulsion, enhanced with the adhesion activator.

Lifespan: the material has a long lifespan, the bag is guaranteed for 12 months, so that it can be used during the correct installation season;

Eco-friendly: the product is eco-friendly, as it is prepared with an exclusive cold mix which causes no smoke and CO2 emissions in the atmosphere.


Bituminous binder:

Cationic bituminous emulsion with 60% bitumen, specifically modified and flushed for the granules mix for

production of cold mix bituminous conglomerate, dosed in percentage on the aggregates between 7% and

9%. Minimum bitumen level 5%.

Adhesion activator:

The formula contains a specific additive to enhance the adhesion between the bituminous binder and the

inert material, in order to ensure better performances when used on wet surfaces; this guarantees a perfectly

stable bond between the bitumen and the aggregate in all application conditions, and allows the product to

resist freeze and thaw cycles.

Inert materials:

Calcareous inert material for use on road surfaces, consisting of high resistance elements suitable for

production of bituminous mixes for road surfaces, hard healthy and without silts and non-lenticular shaped




Cold Asphalt is packaged in UV-resistant PE bags, each with a weight of 25 kg; the bags are laid on a

wooden pallet, adequately wrapped in plastic film, for a total of 60 bags per pallet.

In order to maintain the characteristics of the material unaltered, the bags should be stored indoors; if stored

outdoors, they should be kept in a well-shaded location.

Used bags do not fall under the special waste category, given that the cold mix bituminous conglomerate is

not classified as hazardous.

WOODEN PALLET: 100% Recyclable


any marks of production and sale of wholesale
Will tailor and stymie the asphalt any marks and DIN, install plant near your object or construction site. This is the maximum useful benefit available since we producers equipment and plants producing asphalt


What is cold asphalt?

Street Cold Asphalt is a  high-quality, polymer-modified cold mix asphalt available in batch orders to builders, road repair municipalities, business owners, and for the first time, do-it-yourself homeowners.

Every driver is familiar with the annual spring and summer repaving ritual. The highwaymen bring out the heavy equipment and pour hot asphalt onto the street, roll it out and smooth over a newly paved section of road. Until recently that was the only way to repair potholes and damaged roads. 

Cold asphalt changes everything.  Street Cold Asphalt is a relatively new product developed in 1995 through the introduction of new polymer technology and research into the manipulation of viscosity and material design, of the various components of an asphalt mix - Street Cold Asphalt is soft and sticky out of the bag, but it quickly hardens after application and the end result is a pavement patch with better strength but similar properties to hot asphalt.

What makes cold asphalt the best road patch solution?

Cold patch, also known as cold mix or cold asphalt, was first recognized as a way to make road repairs quickly because it can be applied right from the container without heating. Cold asphalt also doesn’t require any special heavy rolling machines or special applicators as it can be shoveled or poured into a pothole or utility cut and tamped down with a hand tool.

Cold asphalt is not dependent upon warm weather.  Highway repair crews like cold asphalt because it retains it pliable properties when the temperature drops, so it can be used in northern climates well into the fall and even early winter months.  Municipal road crews can make more repairs in a single season because they do not have to maintain this asphalt product at a predetermined temperature to work with it – because it’s cold asphalt.

Cold asphalt can be applied directly to potholes with little or no pre-preparation work.  You can even apply Street Cold Asphalt to potholes with standing water and still get perfect patch results. 

Is cold mix asphalt more expensive?

Street Cold Asphalt is actually less expensive to use over the life of a road repair.  As a superior cold asphalt product, Street completely seals and patches potholes, utility cuts, edge repairs, and even overlays.

Do I need special tools to apply cold asphalt?

The tools needed for cold asphalt application are probably out in ever garage in America.  Cold asphalt requires a shovel and a heavy object or tamping tool.  That is everything you need to repair small to large asphalt potholes and cracks. 

Is cold asphalt available for highway pothole repair?

Many contractors, builders and road crews are already using Street Cold Asphalt worldwide.  Street Cold Mix was developed in the hot, humid weather of Miami, Florida, but Street Cold Asphalt is a champion of extreme clients and is already being used in the tropics of Brazil, the dry desert heat of Iraq, northern European cities of Sweden and the United Kingdom. Street Cold Asphalt works anywhere.

What time of year can we use cold asphalt?

Cold asphalt can be used anytime you can see the damage to the roadway or driveway. It works in fall and early winter weather and water filled potholes.

What else can we repair with cold mix asphalt?

If you have a damaged paved surface, Street Cold Asphalt will seal and repair it. This is a perfect solution for schools with playgrounds, parking lots, driveways, highways and service roads.  All paved surfaces experience erosion over time and cold mix asphalt is the best way to repair and stop existing damage to avoid costly repaving expense. 

Can I use cold asphalt to repair my driveway?

Cold asphalt products are perfect for the homeowner who needs to patch a driveway or the business owner who needs to repair potholes in the parking lot.  Street Cold Mix is available nationwide as an over-the-counter asphalt repair product through hardware and home improvement stores.


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