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rubble-fraction-plants or grinding equipment necessary for fragmentation and mechanical impact on solid materials to their destruction and recycling in the building material. Shredding of rocks in the gravel or stone flour or crushing concrete and concrete waste.
For grinding rocks are different plants and installations. They can work with such species as: granite, basalt, gravel, limestone, diorite, gypsum, marble, ore, dolomite, slags, shale, concrete, reinforced concrete, construction waste, etc. are all successfully fragmented slicing installation or other name rubble-fraction-plants.
Typically, before the fragmentation, bedrock cuts certain size pieces of stone up to 400 mm when degree chopping 1: 200-1: 300. Cooking quality product-crushed stone uses modern slicing factories.
Slicing (rubble-fraction-plants) plants or grinding equipment is different types of company, cone rolling hammer; the pipes; screens; aggregates of fragmentation and sort; machines-vending machines for plaiting metal grids (ITA) for screen, complete with machine to wire.
rubble-fraction-plants crushers are intended for primary crushing material and may be used, both independently and in conjunction with cones and rotor knap to receive smaller fraction of advanced form.
rubble-fraction-plants can be equipped with magnetic separstor and is very efficient processing of concrete construction waste.
Cone crushers are intended for secondary and tertiary shredding rock any fortress and abrasion system.  Slicing installation are fitted with metal detectors, systems work "goaf" and pivoting suction box.
Rotary crushers are used for crushing raw species median fortress. Rotary crusher can be used for the primary (Max Boot piece-600 mm) and secondary crushing.
Rolling crushers are used for grinding mild and median fortress of rocks. Milling crusher applies to secondary crushing. It can split material "on the wall" and "rolls". The advantages of валковой дробильной are good form product and small output drop-out.
Indystry same participates in the process of fragmentation in conjunction with griddle:

Rubble plant
Year of release 2013
capacity 400 m3/h

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