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Many organizations and building companies carefully seek and picks suppliers concrete or asphalt (concrete, asphalt, asphalt concrete)
To date, select Vendor not simple, many questions and time associated with this choice.
The provider must be — reliable offer operational and guaranteed delivery, run, if need be, the specific requirements of the customer.
Construction companies know that concrete and asphalt requires not only qualitatively perform but and delivered at the construction site or object.
concrete and asphalt must comply with the appropriate quality and meet be edited in the time of its use.
not every manufacturer and provider of concrete and asphalt today has modern equipment and own test laboratory quality concrete and asphalt.
many vendors will impose its rules customers and purchasers of concrete and asphalt, and conditions of the location of objects nearby factories, and delivery, and consumables, and maintenance, spare parts, cement, fraction, bitumen, additives, water, ecology, and much more
many vendors usually work and produce concrete and asphalt on outdated factories and old equipment that affects the costs and as sold concrete and asphalt.
Our company is ready to make (manufacture) and put concrete and asphalt any stamps and quality, setting the plant near object or construction site.
This is the maximum useful benefit available since we producers equipment and plants producing concrete and asphalt
The excellent quality of concrete, asphalt, asphalt, the shortest delivery, the highest level of service, low prices — business cards APV Ltd group of companies.
By purchasing the concrete and asphalt from us, you don't have to pay extra money for "promoted" in advertising brand, you purchase high-quality goods and well-established mechanisms on real prices!
Low prices and high quality of our work this pledge your success not only today but also in the future we are open for cooperation, dialogue, agreements and contracts production and sale of any concrete, asphalt, asphalt concrete, we are confident and convinces you that our experience will help you achieve success.

Cold Asphalt
Year of release 2017
CFR  Novorossiysk
contract from 100t
Made in Italy


Year of release 2013
contract from 20 000

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