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Plants and production of lime.
High-grade lime applies almost everywhere, here are some sample reuse: medicine, space, gas scrubbers were installed, water treatment, chemical industry, steel, leather, construction materials, aerated autoclaved concrete, dry mixes, concrete, brick honeycomb silicate, gypsum, Mel, fertilizers, food additives, refractory, fibro-concrete materials ... and much more.
High-grade lime from year to year needed all in high volumes. Lime: slaked lime, no-slaked, limestone, soda, chlorine, CA (OH) 2, Cao, CA (CL) OCL, mixture NaOH and CA (OH) 2 CaCO3 ...
Production lines, we make high quality, evenly burning lime as strong (hard) and weak (soft) kiln.
Ideal for productions with lime (incl. honeycomb concrete) is lime strong or average firing. This lime has a low time absorb reactivity (4-12 minutes before reaching 60 ° c) that promotes equitable, slow growth mixture in the grout form.
Optimal raw materials for production (including silica and lime bricks) гашеной is lime soft and secondary firing. This is a high reactivity (lime time covers 1-4 minutes until the age of 60 ° c) that provides fast blanking and reduces the amount and duration of the production cycle in a reactor (in the manufacture of lime bricks) or in dampening the installation in the production of lime (dampings).
Shaft furnace controlled burning is the best equipment for production of lime high quality. Control firing mine furnaces using mobile tubes-heads, which in depth the filing of the kiln can be regulated, as well as using a regulated supply of air and fuel.
The main advantages of kiln controlled burning for lime are:
• optimal (economical) volume furnaces that provides minimal costs for steel structures and at обму ровывание-as well as the minimum area the area of placement and height of the positive;
• adjustable temperature burning, this allows you to burn "needs", producing lime weak or SIL-firing;
• minimum energy consumption (30-50 %  lower than in rotary furnaces) tube through the use of heat out Oh ¬ лаждении already burnt lime;
• a wide range of sizes calcination stone: could he large and small fractions of limestone (10-40/50/20/30-60/40-80 mm/).
Pit-type furnaces with control roasting-optimal equipment for production of lime.
Mature oven with the following performance: t/par/day жженой lime: 50, 100, 150, 200, 300.
Before using in the production of gas-concrete, damping lime bricks, silica and lime, other products should be mills.
Roller mills for effective meals lime.
Steadily high quality and all-out automating production processes.

Lime plant
Year of release 2013 - 2014
EX Work
capacity 500 t/d

Lime plant
Year of release 2013 - 2014
EX Work
capacity 400 t/d

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