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Brick plant as large ceramic manufacture – the difficult economic and financial organism hiding in weight of nuances.
Having understood with specificity of the given business, founders and a management will be rewarded by high profit for long years.
Brick manufacture in Russia will remain still for a long time one of the most profitable kinds of business.
Today building and designing of brick plant only types a course.
Without dependence from manufacture scale financial efficiency of the project in many respects depends on what equipment for brick manufacture will be established at the future enterprise.
Having faced brick plant building, large heads are often lost in a variety of domestic and import offers.
In avoidance of industrial and financial problems we are ready to offer you brick-works building on manufacture of a brick of high quality.
We will carry out Search and financing selection (financing), creditors, investors, leasing structures and the companies.
Let's spend geological researches.
Let's pick up the most effective platforms for brick-works building.
Let's carry out selection of representative tests future a raw source.
Let's make professional examination of raw materials in Germany.
Completely we will put on a turn-key basis the equipment on brick manufacture.
Let's give guarantee and after guaraantee brick-works service.
Let's give full information and material and technical support.
Let's spend full project brick plant.
Work with us and pawn the competent base to your successful business.

Plant on manufacturing a brick
Briqueterie BP-60
Year of release 2013 - 2014
Productivity 60 000 000 s/year
Completely the automatic

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