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Service of plants.

Asphalt plants, concrete plants, brick plants, rubble fraction plants, foam concrete products plants; difficult enough technological complexes demanding the control of their working capacity and carrying out of preventive maintenance.
Timely service of factories increases term of its operation and prevents sudden breakages.
In a current of all period of operation, without dependence from complexity of breakage of factory and its site, technical malfunction is eliminated by us in the shortest terms. During the guarantee period all expenses connected, with departure of the expert, delivery of spare parts are born by our company.
On the guarantee expiry of the term, the installed factories and the put equipment undertakes on the postguarantee (service) service which conditions are similar guarantee under condition of payment by the Customer of expenses for business trips and payment of experts and spare parts on factory floor prices.
Our firm carries out service of all factories installed by us and the put equipment. Service is recommended to make 2 times a year: before the beginning of active operation and after it, that is in the spring and in the autumn.
Depending on quantity and individual conditions can be given as the discount, and to be accepted changes of standard schemes of service.
Audit and adjustment of factory (equipment) according to concrete parametres and a binding to district.
Technical condition of system and training of the expert (master) that will allow to avoid many problems in a mode of real time.
We are ready to leave at any time convenient for you on planned visiting of factory for the purpose of maintenance of factory (equipment) in an efficient condition.
Depending on complexity of operation application various service schemes is possible as various degree of periodicity of service is possible...
At maintenance service carrying out following works are performed:
Express analysis carrying out on an input and an exit of all technological complex;
Pressure check in systems and its adjustment;
Check of working capacity and adjustment of knots and units;
Mechanical or by means of special cleaners clearing of knots, units, amalgamators, etc.;
Restoration of working capacity by processing by special solutions or reagents (as required);
Full reduction in an initial condition (Restoration) systems with the visual control of all cycles.

We pay special attention to quality of delivered factories. After realisation of projects, we constantly estimate how factories behave in operation.
Sometimes, from time to time we should face a situation when separate components or characteristics of knot and the unit of the made factory not quite correspond to the established high quality standards.
For this purpose also there is a service and the control of plants.
We would like to underline once again, that the main objective of carrying out of Service Campaigns is correctly-work, manufacture, planned output well and certainly safety of work and safety precautions of work and workers.
We convincingly recommend to you not to disregard service of factories and carrying out of planned necessary service works.


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