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The program of delivery of spare parts.
Now our firm has in stock in warehouses all spectrum of original spare parts to delivered factories and the equipment.
We qualitatively and in due time react to created requirement and necessity of spare parts at our Customers.
Any director knows as important in time and the main thing qualitatively to replace spare parts. As of all complex depends on it as a whole.
All spare parts delivered by us are only the originals which quality is guaranteed by the manufacturer. Use of original spare parts guarantees durability of work of factories.
The catalogue is applied on each together with characteristics sheet and the maintenance instruction and to the factory maintenance.
Our experience shows, that use of spare parts of stereotyped type, lead sand factory stops is much more often precious time for repair and replacement given not the original is wasted.
Manufacturers of the same spare parts can be a little. Besides, they can and vary.
Therefore, the relation between the price and quality for bought spare parts appears the next obstacle for heads and owners of factories.
It is considered, that it is economically expedient to get not the original in relation to the original.
It is a question of loading and mixing elements, belts, filters, and also details which are delivered in original execution both in gathering and as a part of the whole knot or the unit.
Spare parts on factories are rather not cheap, even in stereotyped execution. The economy on spare parts can pour out for the owner in a saying about avaricious which, as is known pays twice.
We can only recommend to use to owners of factories originals checked up in operation by time and repeatedly tested on manufacture.


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