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All factories delivered by us have all necessary certificates and permissions.

What is the certificates and certification and for what it is necessary?

Certification is carried out with a view of:
Creations a condition for activity of the organisations in the uniform commodity market of the Russian Federation,
And also for participation in international economic, scientifically - technical cooperation and international trade;
Assistance to consumers in a competent choice of production;
Protection of the consumer against unconscientiousness of the manufacturer (the seller, the executor);
The control of safety of production for environment, a life, health and property;
Acknowledgement of indicators of quality of production, declared by the manufacturer.

Certification is a procedure of acknowledgement of conformity, by means of which independent of the manufacturer (the seller, the executor and the consumer)
Officially authorised organisation certifies in writing, that production corresponds to the established requirements.
Spends identification of production presented for certification, according to rules of system of certification;
Will certificate production, gives out certificates and licences for conformity application;
Carries out when due hereunder the inspection control over certificated production;
Stops or cancels action of the certificates given out to it;
Gives to the applicant under its requirement the necessary information within the competence.

The certificate is a document (the certificate, the certificate or the passport so the English-Russian dictionary sertificatesays) confirming conformity to production,
The goods, services to the quality and safety requirements, concerning the given kind of production to state standards and rules.

The certificate of an origin of the goods - the document which unequivocally testifying to country of origin of the goods and has been given out by body of the state - the exporter,
The representative according to the national legislation, usually it is necessary for customs bodies of the importing country for tariff regulation of the imported goods,
Receptions of reduced rates, duty-free import, clearing of the additional taxation. There are three principal views of certificates of an origin: what for and to whom the origin certificate is necessary?
The given document confirms the country of the manufacturer of these or those goods, the certificate of an origin in case of customs clearing of the goods for regulation of tariffs of import duties is used.

One more demanded document - the conformity certificate - is necessary, first of all, for goods identification, that is the given document confirms conformity of the goods to necessary requirements.
The conformity certificate has some names, among which "customs certificate".
The conformity certificate stands out on the basis of the petition of the manufacturer or the supplier, confirming conformity of the terminal to all technical requirements,
The conformity certificate stands out the representative on it establishment (the country TPP of the manufacturer).

Certificates Rostechnadzor. Rostechnadzor (the Federal service on ecological technological and nuclear supervision) gives out permissions to application of concrete kinds (types) of technical devices
On industrial objects, leaning against position confirmed by the Governmental order of the Russian Federation from July, 30th, 2004 № 401.
Delivery of permissions (certificates) on the complex technical device in which all components carry out the interconnected technological functions is supposed.

Certificate ISO 9001 quite often is the work keystone to success in many markets, the certificate of that your company belongs to the civilised business world,
Is its certificate ISO 9001. Certification ISO 9001 - not so obligatory requirement to manufacturers.
9001 it is possible to tell about standards ISO, that they are developed for quality assurance of production to set methods of functioning and system self-regulation
Quality management taking into account inquiries of consumers, that in turn will provide a high degree of quality of services and production.
Quality management provides confidence of consumers and partners as your production or services. Still more recently receive certificate ISO 9001 the large enterprises and the companies could only.
Now certification ISO 9001 became accessible to all wishing to work according to the international rules which are dictated by System of quality management ISO.
Even more often the international companies - potential partners at all do not begin negotiations if their Russian colleagues do not know that such standard ИСО 9001 (standard ISO 9001).
All over the world certification ИСО so the worthy quality management, is pledge of competitiveness of the company not only on National, but also on International the markets.
Certificate ИСО so also system of quality ISO, are the quality symbol of production or services for the consumer, an additional guarantee of reliability, professional competence.
Besides,organisations even more often cannot receive the State or municipal order, they have less than chances of soft loans or large investments.
All it influences competitiveness of the enterprise, forcing potential partners and consumers to make a choice in favour of the companies, passed test called certification ИСО.
Certification ISO positions the company asorganisation respecting quality management which guarantees quality and safety of the services or production.

This policy to creation of positive and progressive image of your company, will tell to your partners about its reliable reputation and stable position in the market.
Moreover, the quality management is simply useful to optimisation of an available manpower of the company.

Take these arguments into consideration when will solve, whether it is necessary to buy factory in this or that organisation.


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