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Guarantee certificates.

Guarantee certificates for all delivered by us to plants come after delivery plants in operation (the delivery certificate in operation). It is preceded by carrying out of starting-up and adjustment works and release of a trial lot of production.
We guarantee gratuitous elimination of defects under condition of correct operation and the maintenance of factories.
Гарантиное elimination of defects is carried out only by the authorised representatives of the company.
Withdrawn during elimination of defects of a detail, knots, units pass in our property for the further finding-out of causes of a failure.
Guarantee certificates do not extend on replaceable filters of silos, electric inserts and safety locks of control panels and also on a detail, subject to natural deterioration (the list is applied on passports of factories).
Free warranty service loses the force and passes in after guarantee service (a paid basis) if the reason of a stop of factory was one of following circumstances:
a) misuse or a factory overload.
b) the factory is exposed to repair or maintenance service by the third party which is not authorised or authorised.
c) use of the combustive-lubricating and other account materials which have been not recommended by the company.
d) installation (changes) of details, knots, units, engines not admitted to use by the company including bodies of Technical supervision. 
e) non-observance, default of procedural works on the maintenance service, ordered in documents about Service (it is applied on the factory passport)
f) not the timely statement for defect, or for the defect revealed later, and not the announcement and requests of its elimination.
g) if the reason of a steel of damage of mechanical or chemical influence.
h) results of action of force majeure circumstances...

All factories realised by us are new and we guarantee quality of materials, designs, knots, units, engines, electric motors, control systems, доп.опций.
All factories realised by us have training preparation, the technical control and are tested on floor spaces before sending to the customer.


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