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Installation of Plants

and the necessary process equipment is the most responsible stage in building of difficult technological complexes,
Demanding from our organisation of the highly skilled engineering-assembly personnel and talented heads.
Thus the stage of mechanical installation is the unique stage demanding from the assembly company
The professional assembly personnel and park of building technics (including load-lifting mechanisms).
We adhere enough to simple philosophy: before to offer something to the client,
It is necessary to understand, technological process and under it to design the technological scheme and the drawing,
And also to pick up a complete set of materials and the equipment which will approach for it.
For each Customer we find the decision which to the full satisfies its requirements and a wish.
We make qualitative installation of the equipment of factories on the conditions most attractive to the client.
Responsible approach to contract terms of performance of the order on delivery and installation of equipment
Has provided to us strong reputation of the company which always finishes work precisely in time.
Process equipment installation is made by experts of our firm and firm of the manufacturer.
We are ready to offer you complex technological decisions, beginning from delivery of the equipment of factories,
Installation of equipment concerning technology, manufacture of an electric equipment and automatics systems
And managements of factory or a technological line, performance of electroinstallation works on object,
Carrying out of necessary tests, starting-up and adjustment works and service support of a technological line.
The process equipment is mounted in the collected kind or as much as possible integrated blocks.
Process equipment installation to be made according to the project of manufacture of installation works.
Technical progress in construction manufacture is directed on increase of level of industrialisation of installation works,
Perfection of technology and the manufacture organisation, introduction of more perfect technological processes,
Combination where it is rational, общестроительных and installation works, improvement of quality of installation
The process equipment and metal-construction and development of mechanisation of auxiliary operations.
For installation of factories highly skilled experts — engineers assemblers are sent.
Besides, at installation and process equipment test our experts are guided
Corresponding requirements of manufacturers. The equipment should meet the requirements of the project,
And works on installation of equipment are made according to the project.
Own montage-set management solves a full complex assembly and electroinstallation works
On the process equipment without attraction of the foreign organisations.
By us are mounted and started in operation of ten large factories in various areas of all territory of the Russian Federation and the next states. Only at us you will find reasonable prices in a combination to high quality.
And ordering in our company you receive Factories including qualitative installation of equipment and other installation works, you can be assured of high professionalism of their performance.


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