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Delivery plants.

Delivery, cargo transportation, transportation of factories should answer the main requirement: delivery of factories to a platform of the customer in the necessary term. 
We are not the transport company but we involve and we use competent experts in this area, as foreign and Russian forwarding agents, excellent drivers, professionals, attentive to any requirements which solve these problems quickly and professionally.
At that time while your factory is in road, you prepare a platform for reception, not distracting on problems of preparation of cargo for transportation and the organisation of transportation of cargo.
We render services in the field of forwarding service of our customers:
We help our customers to solve questions on a choice of the most convenient type of transport for transportation.
Automobile transportation, aviatransportation (ZIPS, spare parts) R|V transportation, the container transportation, the consolidated sending, multimodal transportation;
Our problems include competent registration of transportation documents; expedition control cargoes on routes;
Delivery of factories in regions of Russia it is direct on a platform;
Official registration of papers by preparation and during a cargo transportation or cargo delivery.
Our problems include the decision of the questions connected with customs registration of cargoes;
We insure your cargo at the leading insurance Foreign companies and Russian including;
We spend full preparation of cargo for sending (we mark cargo, we pack for maintenance of its safety during a cargo transportation).
At cargo packing are used a tree a cardboard threw only excellent quality, a wrapping polyethylene film, an adhesive tape with our or your firm logo.
For non-standard cargoes the extra packing is made;
Our problems include loading and unloading (special.) cargoes;
We inform you on a cargo site on all transit during a cargo transportation;
We send and transport factories of any complexity, irrespective of volume and weight;
We deliver your factory and in remote regions;
Let's send, we will transport and we deliver any oversized and heavy cargo.
We are ready to organise autotransportation, rail transportation, aviatransportation, container transportation, sea transportation, any factory necessary for you.
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