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How ot buy for Leasing ?

Our company is not leasing, but can help you with a choice of the Leasing companies,

With which help you can get at us factories and the necessary equipment on convenient and favourable conditions.

Within the limits of the leasing transaction can be financed not only delivery (purchase) of ready property, but also designing, manufacture, building, repair, modernisation or re-equipment, assemblage, installation and start in operation of leasing property. Expenses on service on all period of validity of the leasing transaction can be included in leasing payments at will лизингополучателя.

For today leasing is one of the basic financial tools, allowing to carry out large-scale capital investments in development of material base of any manufacture. In comparison with other ways of acquisition of the equipment (a delivery payment after delivery, purchase with a payment delay, the bank credit etc.) leasing has a number of essential advantages:

1. Leasing gives the chance to the enterprise-lizingopoluchatelju to expand manufacture and to adjust service of the equipment without large single expenses and necessity of attraction of extra means.

2. The problem of limitation of liquid means is softened, expenses for equipment acquisition are in regular intervals distributed on all period of validity of the contract.

3. Means for an investment in other kinds of actives are liberated.

4. The extra capital is not involved, and in balance of the enterprise the optimum parity of own and extra capitals is supported.

5. Leasing payments are made after installation, adjustment and equipment start-up in operation and by that the enterprise-lizingopoluchatel has possibility to carry out payments from the means arriving from realisation of production, developed on the equipment received in leasing.

6. Leasing allows the enterprise-lizingopoluchatelju to update morally growing old equipment periodically.

7. Whereas leasing payments are carried out on a fixed schedule, the enterprise-lizingopoluchatel has the big possibilities to co-ordinate an expense for financing of capital investments and receipt from realisation of let out production, than it takes place, for example, at equipment purchase and sale. All it promotes stability of financial plans лизингополучателя.

8. Economy on payment of taxes. Лизингополучатель has possibility to carry leasing payments on the cost price during leasing term, and upon termination of they be to put the equipment on balance of the enterprise for a symbolical payment.

9. At the expense of accelerated аморизации a subject of leasing the tax to property is paid in smaller volume.

10. Fast reception of access to modern technologies.

11. Complex realisation of the project, without its breakdown on a part.

12. Besides, equipment acquisition on leasing allows the profitable enterprises to reduce essentially taxable base by optimisation of tax deductions.

Conditions of leasing of the equipment, first of all leasing term, depend on type of the equipment and in each concrete case are discussed individually.

Throughout term of the contract of leasing the property right about leasing remains behind the leasing company, and the client uses the equipment in the purposes, monthly paying established by the contract of leasing payments. In case of failure of payments according to the certain contract the schedule of leasing payments Leasingto give has the right to withdraw the equipment belonging to it under the property right, and to realise it. If Leasingthe addressee carries out leasing payments according to the schedule and completely pays the contract sum, the property right to the equipment passes to it. All incomes and the profit, received by the client during equipment use, are the property of the client.


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