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Modernisation of plants.

The modernisation main tasks are:
Increase of level of mechanisation and automation,
Increase in productivity,
Expansion of technological possibilities,
Maintenance of high requirements of safety precautions,
Decrease Cost prices and improvement of quality of production,
Decrease in idle times of manufacture,
Increase of characteristics of raw, power and technological base,
Increase in quality of technology from reception of raw materials to an exit of finished goods,
Increase of various variants of a combination and use of technologies and the equipment,
Achievement of high results and exit on modern design indicators of manufactures.

All over the world modernisations of thousand factories annually are exposed,
Therefore obsolete (not meeting modern requirements of manufacture) the equipment receives new properties,
Necessary for its effective utilisation. It is necessary to notice, that any modernisation should be economically proved.
Therefore in the course of its designing corresponding economic calculations are made,
Which define expediency of the planned work on modernisation not only for the enterprise,
Where the advanced equipment will be used, but also for consumers of final buyers of the materials made at these factories.
Paramount value has increase of accuracy and other quality indicators of the modernised equipment.
Experience shows, that modernisation of factories and manufacture as a whole is economically justified, as acquisition of new factories and the equipment of higher class is always connected with considerable material inputs.
After modernisation obsolete (not meeting modern requirements of manufacture) the equipment of factories receives the new properties necessary for its effective utilisation.
Experience of our work speaks about successful modernisation, workings out and introductions of technologies and the equipment in building industries.
Allows our experts to make optimum decisions both on design stages and equipment selection, and at carrying out of starting-up and adjustment works.

We are ready to offer you: carrying out of scale modernisation plants, full transition on tenzometr, installation and installation of frequency converters,
Removal (decrease) in over-expenditures of a material, introduction of programs control technological processes, replacement of the basic knots and units,
Updating of engineering systems, installation of restrictions of not authorised interventions in technological processes,
installation the remote control over manufacture, transition to modern conducting the control of arrival and the expense of materials with delivery and registration of all necessary documents,
The control and increase of safety precautions of work, improvement of quality of production and cost price decrease, and much many other things.

We urgently recommend to translate factories and the equipment on modern devices and mechanisms, it will raise reliability and durability of work of your factory (equipment) in tens times.


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