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We thank for interest which you have shown to APV Ltd.
Groups companies APV LTD – group of professionals which can help you with achievement of your purposes and expansion of your business. It, first of all, the purposeful people carried away by the business.
Aspiration to development and knowledge allows us to solve today any problems, to create new possibilities for development of business of our clients, to solve any problems – even what will arise in the future. Key values for the decision of tasks in view are the respect and trust of clients. And bases of these mutual relations, in turn, develop of quality of offered production, service and a dialogue openness. Ability and aspiration to solve these problems allow us to look ahead with confidence, which including thanks to our work, becomes more convenient and more perfect.
• APV LTD is the beginning consecutive realised, projects in the markets. It means the further attraction to cooperation of partners andregional dealers for the purpose of creation of the large enterprise.
• it is the company which works under the international standards of a corporate governance, possesses transparent structure of business, modern technologies and offers innovative projects in the field of building.
Today APV LTD is a modern company with clear and transparent structure of business. At the heart of philosophy of this business base values which we offer clients lay: professionalism, responsibility, efficiency, reliability, confidentiality, availability, communication, respect, simplicity, transparency, etc.
Economy of time.
Doing difficult things simple, the company saves time and forces of the clients. Our professionalism and technical potential of the company allow to choose the optimum and easy decision for delivery of the equipment ordered by you to your industrial platform.
APVLtd -import export production and technologies,  makes completes and delivers Concrete plants, Asphalt plants, brick plants, rubble factories of concrete blocks of road plates and as the accompanying equipment and technics. At high quality – reasonable prices! We thank for interest which you have shown to production delivered APV Ltd one of leading International firms on deliveries of factories, stationary, mobile and all-weather concrete plants installations by productivity from 10 till 320 m3/hour concrete (solution) and mobile installations by productivity represents from to m3/hour you the production.
Factories concrete, asphalt, brick, rubble and others are series of the hi-tech factories intended for manufacture of concrete, a solution, asphalt, a brick, rubble, concrete blocks, road plates, foam concrete, a building material and more another. Designs of factories allow to provide to customers full freedom in a choice of a final configuration. Besides бетоносмесительных installations our company is ready to offer potential Customers the broadest spectrum Asphalt of factories, brick-works, rubble fraction factories, factories of concrete blocks (foam concrete blocks), factories on manufacture of road plates, factories of a building material, and as accompanying equipment: knots of an unloading/storage/packaging of cement, steam and gas generators, lines on manufacture of a brick, road plates, concrete blocks, borders, road tiles, foam concrete blocks, an artificial stone, a facing stone, a facing tile, systems of giving of a mix in shop, laboratories and avenue of avenue of avenue
APV Ltd is capable to offer suitable variants of configuration of the equipment and by that to satisfy requirement as manufacturers of commodity concrete, and factories on manufacture CFI, civil engineering firms of a various profile. All components of factories are made at factories of our firms, therefore can be easily adapted for any specific conditions. Manufacturing of all modules, units and designs is conducted with observance of rigid requirements under the International and European standard. Obligatory control assemblage of the equipment at factories before shipment to the address of Customers is carried out. Factories are calculated on operation in the heaviest conditions. They have passed check on durability on building sites with intensive schedules of manufacture.
In Russia the equipment is successfully maintained in many cities. Faultless quality of the equipment, the shortest terms of delivery, the highest level of the service, the comprehensible prices — cards of Group
concrete, asphalt both other factories and installations from APV Ltd, you do not pay superfluous money for the brand "untwisted" in advertising, — you get the high-quality and debugged mechanisms under the real price!
Reasonable prices and high quality of our work it is Group of companies APV Ltd
We are opened for mutually advantageous cooperation and are assured, that our experience will help you to become successful.


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