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Bernardi Impianti International S.p.A, having almost more than 60 years experience in the manufacture of asphalt plants, is a guarantee of the highest level of technology and know-how for all its components.
Over 1000 plants worldwide bear proud testimony of the reliability and dependability of our brand.
In keeping with our policy of always putting the customer first, some years ago it was decided that the time for a fundamental evolution had arrived. After due and careful consideration, we decided to be not only a supplier, but indeed the providers of a service able to satisfy as far as possible all the customers requirements.
To this end, we resolved to break through the barrier that had always existed between supplier and end-user and, in cooperation with the customer, to interact with them in optimizing both our own and their production process, materials and human and technical resources.
Our philosophy is based on constant and copious investments in Research and Development, technical and practical assistance  in attending to the requirements and problems of our customers, treating their problems as if they were our very own. In this way the customer has access to all our know-how, technology, experience and reliability. Thanks also to this innovative approach, we have achieved the production of plants which are fully automated, practical and easy to use in all phases of the manufacturing process. We thus avoid needless manual operations which, experience has shown us, create inefficiency and a waste of time and money. We are continuously up to date with latest technological trends (often being in the forefront of the creation of such trends) and our technical department has access to state –of-the-art design software, such as 3-D technology and tailor-made systems for the control of structural and critical elements and the like.
With the aid of these technological tools, our customers can keep the plant under constant graphic control from the beginning to the end of the production process.

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